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8 Strange Insurance Claims You Can Actually Make Funny Insurance Claims

Insurers are using a different strategy: if an wealthy customer claims they are unable to make an insurance claim on their vehicle, they will inquire about the type of vehicle they have. If it is an expensive model like one like a Ferrari or Maserati, the insurer will investigate further. There is no rule currently which can be utilized to assess the wealth of a person, apart from checking their credit files. To assess the their wealth, some insurers ask what kind of vehicle they own. They may also investigate the car further, especially if it's an expensive one. This will ensure that they don't pay for excessive cost when making a claim for car insurance. Businesses may examine the customer's habits of spending and their lifestyle to decide whether they are able to afford an additional claim. The majority of people who receive significant insurance payments following a claim for car insurance are often disappointed that they've been rejected unfairly and appeal. People who have a high wealth are usually recommended to purchase individual accident insurance policies in order to ensure they are not targeted by lawsuits regardless of whether they had nothing in common with the policy. Some argue that every person should be evaluated based on the circumstances of their particular situation, not just the car they drive or whether they've ever filed an insurance claim. They may also have to undergo physical exams and annual reviews for ensuring that the insurance policy is in place. It could also backfire when they don't consider all of the requirements used by Insurance companies. 7. The "I'm Already Covered" Claim The majority of people take this into consideration every time they submit a car insurance claim application. There are many factors that can trigger this unwelcome surprise. As an example, insurance companies let claims go to .